Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Professional Roulette?

Good evening everyone.  If you've already read my first blog entry of the day here, you know that my plans went awry.  Instead of producing four posts in rapid succession like a champ, I was sidetracked by my first snack and some women's soccer action, and that combo led to an unplanned nap.  I'm happy to say that I'm awake once again, and with the celebrity fantasy draft that's being aired on ESPN as my current distraction, I'm typing once again.  I still plan on typing two more entries after this one at my third and fourth blogs.  'Coach's Parlay Card' chronicles the favorite weekly football bets of my friend Joey, my brother Pete, and myself, while 'Coach Goes Viral' is my "rant blog."  I also wanted to give you the link to my friend's new etsy shop before we get to the poker (and roulette).  My friend Sean is selling paracord bracelets and wood crafts online at this address.

I had a frustrating weekend at the poker tables.  Well, half of the frustration was in not being at the tables...  On Friday I opened with the Flamingo's weekly freeroll tourney.  I promptly ran my pocket jacks into pocket aces like a pro, and I was toast.  The guy with AA had been seeing several flops at my table, and he raised his aces to only 2 1/2 times the big blind.  I thought that I'd be able to push him off his hand by shoving.  GREAT read...  The rest of Friday wasn't that bad, as I played a ton of poker and qualified for this Friday's Flamingo freeroll.  Twelve hours of weekly play needed, and I did it in one day.  Saturday.  Ugghh...  I ventured to the south end of the Strip and the MGM.  There were only a handful of games with a bunch of locals, so I trekked across the Strip to the Excalibur.  The Excalibur had a pair of 1/2 NL games and a 2-6 spread-limit table.  I got on both lists and a new 1/2 game started pretty quiickly.  We started seven-handed, and shortly afterward, the floorperson came and pulled one of our players, saying that we were a "must move" game for the first hour.  Ugghh.  This is stupid, and I forgot that the Excalibur does this.  Instead of being like any other room in Las Vegas, and having tables of 10, 9, and 7 players after that player at the "main table" had left, the numbers were 10, 10, and 6.  Predictably (lol), one of our players busted shortly afterward, and now my table was down to five.  Although he was going to return, I was sufficiently frustrated, and decided to get back on the 2-6 list.  Oh yeah, shortly after the no-limit game began, I was called for the 2-6 seat and declined it.  Brilliant...  So when I put my name back on the list, I told the floor, "I didn't know that you were going to start a game seven-handed, and then take players from it..."  So I'm sitting there stewing, biding my time, as I'm third on the 2-6 list.  A player sits, and I'm second.  Then this lady comes to the podium from the sportsbook area, and I'm suddenly third on the list again.  I believe that the floor had initially neglected to put her on the list when she was first in the room (I had seen her at the podium while playing 1/2).  Time passes, with her and the next person on the list getting seated at the 2-6 table.  I guess that at some point, they decided to stop moving players from my old game, because the two original games got so shorthanded that they busted up my initial table completely.  Good times...  I finally got sick of waiting for a seat in the 2-6 spread-limit, so I cashed in my chips from the 1/2 ($3.00 loss) and went to the restroom before leaving.  As I passed back by the poker room, I saw the new 2-6 spread-limit game that had been started, with five players.  More good times...  I figured that this would be a "must move" table also, and forget that...  I returned to the MGM, already frustrated, and while waiting at the podium, the clerk with her back to me was having a conversation with a floorperson who was facing me.  He was telling her to pick even or odd...  Whatever they were discussing was evidently very interesting, because they weren't acknowledging me.  I rolled my eyes, turned, and walked away.  As I departed, I heard a desperate, "Can I help you?"  A second floorperson was behind the podium, and he probably witnessed my eyeroll before I pivoted and paced away, but I was done with MGM properties for the night.  At least charging for parking is the cherry on top of their overall customer service experience...

So back to the Flamingo I went, yet again.  I figured that I'd at least tack on some more tier points, and just get to SIT AT A POKER TABLE...  Have I mentioned that I should be able to attain 'Diamond Status' with Caesar's simply by playing poker?  More on that at a later date.  The Flamingo's game was unsatisfying, short-lived (by my standards), and I eventually noticed that I was at a table with a pregnant lady who was taking CIGARETTE BREAKS.  STELLAR night...

Now before the poker boom began (Moneymaker, 'Rounders'), roulette was my favorite way to donate to Las Vegas.  My poker session had been so "bleh" that I had thought about playing roulette, despite the $10.00 minimum bets.  While I pondered a pregnant woman smoking in the year 2016 (should I really be surprised?), I devised a "system?" to protect me while playing roulette.  I figured that I'd split all ten bucks on a pair of numbers, giving me 20 of the 38 on the board.  When I started playing, I even began taking four numbers for a buck, in combination with the splits.  Long story short, I played roulette for a LONG TIME...  Due to the night's frustrations, I began drinking Coronas (I don't drink when I play poker - maybe I should start?), and I got into one of those grooves when I'm just FOCUSED and fight through the need for sleep.  This resulted in me playing roulette from 4:00 a.m. until... 1:00 P.M.  NINE HOURS of roulette Sunday, and I made $10.00...  True story...  The pit bosses kept walking by at intervals to look at my chips, as if to say, "HOW has this guy not busted out?"  I only bought in for a single $100.00 bill, and my stack would just fluctuate up and down, having so much of the board covered that I'd endure a $1.00 net loss if one of my chips covering four numbers hit, or I'd get a small win ($8.00 net) if one of my splits came in.  Sometimes I'd lose my whole $10.00, but I also did bet and hit some single numbers later, and I just played, and played, and played...  If you've ever watched or played roulette, you know that the players just come and go, and I saw all sorts of people.  One guy stopped at my table, bet $700.00 on black, won, and walked away.  A guy at the table across from me had like $4,000.00 in front of him, at least, when he was brought to my attention.  Four stacks of green ($25.00 chips), some black piled up.  I believe that he eventually lost it all back.  Anyway, professional roulette???  :)

That's all for this time, but hopefully the actual poker will go better this weekend.  Have a great week and I'll see you soon!

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