Monday, August 8, 2016


Good morning everyone.  I'd like to tell you some fascinating and involved story related to the title of this post, like how this is hopefully the start to a long and successful career of playing poker for me, but I just watched a documentary about the band 'Genesis,' and I was stuck for a title here, so there ya go...  :)  I played only two days of poker this weekend, which was just enough to get sucked-out on again (and by the same player) in the Flamingo's weekly freeroll tourney (I didn't cash), and then I made a little money and qualified for this Friday's weekly tourney.  The poker is still predictably slow in town, with too many familiar faces at the tables, and I'm looking forward to next month.  In case you're new to my world, September will bring cooler temperatures, football, and better poker action.  If you actually are new to my world, the blog that chronicles my personal life in a more general sense can be found here.

Poker...  As I was playing in the Flamingo's freeroll, I started to hear a buzz about the poker room at the Linq.  The Linq's room is now officially closed, but only after giving away all of its promotional money that had been saved up.  The room was holding drawings every hour on Friday and Saturday to give away the cash before the room officially closed.  Having your name drawn was worth $500.00, but you had to be seated in a game to win.  The lists for the four 1/1 no-limit games and the lone 3-6 limit game were over 30 names each when I arrived, and I heard that in the first four hours, only two new players had been seated in the games.  I was offered a spot on the list, but politely declined, knowing that it would be futile.  I really walked over just to see the spectacle, and was rewarded by having the opportunity to meet Kristi, an online friend (til that moment) who deals poker and plays in town.

This is going to be a short entry from me today, and I don't have a huge selection of hands to relay to you, but I will talk a little about my style of play.  However, I did want to pass along a little cynical prediction that I have for you before doing so.  I was at home yesterday when the NFL's Hall of Fame Game was canceled due to poor field conditions (giving the term "a bad paint job" a whole new meaning)...  Anyway, I was glad that I wasn't at the poker tables when this happened, because I surmised that some player would be talking about how stupid this was on the NFL's part, and it would be the same genius that was trying to chase down a runner-runner flush with 6-2 suited on an A K J rainbow flop...  Too cynical???  Anyway, my style of play.  I'm currently playing very tight right now, which allows me to protect my chips while affording me the opportunity to see a lot of hands.  As time goes by and other players get to know me, I should be able to loosen up gradually and have a decent amount of respect.  However, you would be surprised at the number of calls I get (talking in limit more specifically right now, because that's what I played for the majority of the weekend) when I raise.  It's like the other players know that they're behind, but are thinking, "I'm gonna crack your hand #&@*%#$..."  :)  Anyway, it's a very interesting game, and I'm learning more every minute...

Hopefully when I get back to you next week, I'll have some good news for you from the freeroll front.  Have a great week and I'll see you soon!  

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