Sunday, July 17, 2016

Doing The Right Thing Can Hurt

Good evening everyone.  I want to start off tonight by thanking all of you who have been following and supporting my poker exploits and also reading my blog(s).  I see that I receive a lot of visitors here from my friends via Facebook, and I'll rotate who I tag to posts.  I'm just letting you know that so you don't feel left out if you're not tagged to every single entry that I make here.  Between having friends who are poker players and/or those who simply want me to succeed as I continue to learn this game, y'all have generated quite a bit of traffic here, and I enjoy sharing my stories with you.  I still plan on writing about once a week (hopefully for each of my four blogs in the near future), and I'll continue to keep notifying everyone via my Facebook and Twitter ads.  These posts will almost always come on Monday or Tuesday.

We have a lot to cover tonight my friends.  My recent gameplan has been to play overnight on weekend nights when there are more games going in town.  I have done so for the past three evenings, but today I'm switching my sleep schedule back to normal because I have some errands that have to be done during the day tomorrow.  Anyway, that's why I'm writing on Sunday.  I took a nap, and I have to sleep tonight, so now I'm up.  Let me tell you the gut-wrenching story first, and then we'll discuss happy things...  I was playing 1/2 no limit, and I had pocket queens.  I honestly don't remember how much money went into the pot on this hand because I tend to play all of my big hands differently.  I imagine that I'm pretty difficult to read...  Long story short, the flop came King-Jack-Nine, with several players seeing the flop.  Not the best for queens, although some players would stay for the gutshot straight draw.  Hitting a queen would be pretty useless at this point, since any ten would make a straight.  Based on the post-flop action, I folded.  The turn brought another jack.  Now I'm losing to any king, any jack, and the evil hand (queen-ten), so I'm feeling pretty good about my fold.  There's more betting and calling after the turn.  Then (are you ready for it???) a QUEEN comes on the river...  I would have made queens full of jacks (whimper, whimper)...  Now let's see the action after the river.  The first player bets 60, and he gets called by two other players.  That's 180 in the pot, just on the river.  The bettor shows jack-nine, for a full house, and both callers show 10's, for straights...  I estimate that I would have profited somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 hundred dollars in that $400.00-ish pot had I seen the river.  I obviously made the right play after the flop, as jack-nine had two-pair, and after he filled up on the turn, I was drawing to just two queens.  STILL, I thought (stewed) about that hand for the next half-hour.  I made a good fold, but doing the right thing can hurt...

Ironically, since my Flamingo tourney cash about a month ago, I haven't play in a single tournament.  Ironcially times two, I have not lost on any day that I've played since that tourney.  Over the past three days playing, I made about $450.00.  Making $450.00 a week would be enough to pay my bills, so there's that.  I also have something in the works with a possible employer, so there's that also.  See, I told you that the news got happier.  Freaking 300 dollars...

Let's talk about specific friends of mine for a moment before we proceed with some of my bigger hands of the weekend.  I played the weekend at the Flamingo, the MGM, and at Excalibur.  As far as the MGM goes, I can't believe that my friend Rob has never mentioned how many pretty girls are there on the weekend.  As for the Excalibur, I have to thank my friend Pete P. Peters for turning me onto it.  There didn't seem to be a lot of World Series of Poker bracelet winners playing in their games.  My friend Nick will be arriving in town tonight to play some poker for a few days, and my friend Katie will be hitting town next week to do the same.  I've said it on several occasions, that if you live in Las Vegas, your friends WILL COME to visit you...  ;)  Again, if you're ever going to be in town and want to meet up, let me know.  If I've never met you before, let's make it a public place, like maybe a..., casino...  :)  The funny thing about Nick is that he's met my brother, but not me.  Speaking of meeting people, I played poker with a nice lady from Lake Jackson, Texas this weekend, and whenever I hear "Lake Jackson," I think of my friend Megan.  :)  Assuming that everyone knows everyone in LJ, I asked if Sandy knew Megan, but alas, the answer was no.  However, Sandy is also a big Astros fan (like Megan), and she said that Megan is cute, so there's that...  :D

Okay, poker hands from the weekend...  Two of my memorable hands from the weekend came in 2-4 limit poker.  I like to play limit on occasion for several reasons.  Limit games tend to have weaker players (though not always), my stack is protected against a misread or a bad beat, and I can sit at the table "brain dead" for hours if I'm accumulating time for a freeroll tournament.  In the first hand, I had pocket aces, and I was in early position.  Sometimes making players flat-call four will thin the field, so I raised.  If a player already has two chips in, they almost always call the raise.  Well, raising worked, as only SEVEN other players called me.  Goodness gracious...  So eight of us saw a low flop (nine-high), maybe five went to the turn, and the river pairing the board with a six made me feel better about getting whacked by a garbage two-pair.  The first player showed a nine, followed by a girl proudly showing her pocket queens, and then I showed the winning hand...  :D  Pocket aces held up in a eight-way pot.  WOO-HOO!!

Now let's move onto the second hand of note.  Playing about ten hours of limit poker, I had missed plenty of flops, and my stack was down to like 50 bucks.  Then I limped into a VERY multi-way pot with pocket 3's.  The flop came Queen-Ten-THREE with two diamonds.  There were a lot of straight and flush draws, along with queens and/or tens out there, because most everybody stuck around.  With my dwindling stack, I decided that I was going to make this pot as big as possible, or "go broke" (have to buy more chips).  Someone bet 2, so I raised to 4.  A player went all-in for 5, and after several calls, I got to raise again to 7.  This 2-4 pot must have had like 50 bucks in it when we saw a jack on the turn.  More bets and calls, and then another jack on the river.  Beautiful card for me, because any straights were now toast.  Needless to say, my 3's full of jacks won like an 80-ish dollar pot, in 2-4 limit...  :P  Just like my pocket aces hand, I seem to be involved in bigger pots than most people (in no limit also, because my stack gets in a lot if I'm around til the river).  Doyle Brunson once said, "No-limit hold 'em.  Hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror."  That explains my current playing-style PERFECTLY...

I think that it's time to hit the 'publish' button my friends.  Thanks again for your support, and have a great week!  



  1. Congrats on that huge pot. Sweeeeet!!! A question for you who has more experience playing the live game than I. My question is one of tipping etiquette I guess. On an $80 pot is the player supposed to tip the standard $1 or should it be $2. If it was $2 at what size pot is the dividing line between a $1 and a $2 tip? Your input is appreciated.

  2. I'll lead off by saying that tipping is a personal issue, so I don't feel like it's my place to instruct others as to what they "should do." Personally I don't tip more than a dollar unless the pot is extraordinary. However, I also tip a dollar when the pot is very small. I dealt before, so I always tip (including on bonuses for "high hands" and tokes when I cash in tournies). Hope that helps.

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